Dr. Grimsby von Eldritch

Bio: DR. GRIMSBY VON ELDRITCH is a true rara avis, and a multi-petaled blossom of strange botany. Descended from a long and increasingly degenerate line of Mitteleuropean aristocrats, he arrived in the United States at the age of two, and spent his formative years running amok. He developed his cinematic expertise in the grindhouses and revival theatres of Europe while skipping his pre-med courses at the Peter Kürten Academy of Medicine. In the early 1990s, after a brief career as a coffin repossessor, he established an avant-garde but thriving practice in a small hamlet in upstate New York. Upon thoroughly examining his basement laboratory and the contents of his freezer, an independent panel judged his experimental methods “unsound” and he fled to the relative anonymity of New York City. Since 1996, Dr. Grimsby has lived a solitary life as a peripatetic squatter in various abandoned industrial buildings. Although his current whereabouts are uncertain, rampant whisperings suggest that he haunts the twisting catacombs beneath the abandoned Domino sugar refinery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Dr. Grimsby whiles away his hours by compiling an encyclopedic reference guide to vintage horror films; caring for his pet raven, Barnaby; memorizing favorite selections from The Penguin Book of Sick Verse; and polishing his collection of antique laudanum bottles.

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